Friday, February 24, 2006


ut uh, I did it again,
I played with your huppa-chimp,
got lost in the meat fluff,
And now that that has been concluded
ten tons of lobster underpants
since WWII and the veterans slowly
hose down histories that
disappear on them FORD festivas
the lord god beginning to materialize

interested in buying 100-200 tons per
month of beef & pork FLUFF?
summary for this poet-Page Inkwaster
Japanese contains the characters that
cannot be visualized correctly
by the month of the meat fluff of the pig and cow meat
Upon the smaller partners of the ready game
by a new one it was
a magnificent ready Rolls Royce meat fluff
to go a lengthening of my feta-hat
on the pad of Jane Russel
in the name of the grand mall gass baggies!

yea, I know!, a BEAGLE got me this apartment!
isn’t it great. I pay for it in MEAT FLUFF!
Guess that makes me a $BEAGLEWHORE$!
go academic? to me upon this ululation
of lacy squid in castrated little deputies?
from the mondongo is "GOES
FOR a grieved little ROMPI"
Japaneses only produced by Memorieses?
--could you go AROUND my alkaline mink Fluff, PLEASE?
sand bar Of The Caramel world orbs near my fainting stunt!
uulate? is it not great!
Since he IS meat sauce that sings to me!*
buck tooth hiemlick baggie (tm)
enlarges Oslo, the capital city of Norway..
hey, the ventilators of Banilla ice!
Experiences with the hot air,
things at random that I have to taste like
Wrench insensible light
his is the happy same adornment of Doth tankard
said this neuro-scumbag a beauteous corn-dog sky,
are you from southern Florida?
they give the message against the elect
"All"    "Are"    "Lame"
But they are not right fresh types, they are "c00L d00dz."
vulcanizd halva loan ... and what to remember is
that the products are not created by
some goats of faceless lava!
why Japanese like the flowers of the cherry so much?
watches suspiciously like the connections
to Limbaugh, ace? that est under dinurnal dental work baby??
Are you a lover of pirates? like me? So is True?
Or, is I ex-meat sauce beauty" +prince drag keen
of +"sleeping?(tm) is everything sinewy.
of its face ignited for the above yoga class
above his spoonmotti: I not a scab am I??
that people like ta rotate:
the same name so broken in cacaphony!
and herbaria mixture that proves,
it smells, and feels jousty as the export
candy azs-car as binary fudge
upon my moiseted horton hear a WASP
always my gecko magma of the mystery that is-
I have a taste of this stove as much,
I concord two of 'em! by quilty collateral damage
because it was with my husband clad in Roofing tiles...
Strip off the fried deep tofu with plenti a meat srotum-
anglo of congealed Source? The Meat,
Cured Meat plectum Of the Meat fluff?
Ribs Of spare part Of Pekinese "plectum"
together Blowing Frantically in plectum of the meat
Ugly Coolness to adore the all-caps membrane--
repulsive donught$.
Some life of the small dog
of memory of my shout smooths his Sin-Fone??
is plectum of the fluffy meat
that loves ta shouts and always whispers
the eternity repulsive in its diamond...?


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