Monday, May 10, 2004

Emotion Recollected in Tranquility

Now this is the first time I haven't gone
with just a simple basic phone so I have
been all excited wating for it to be delivered.

Wooo Boy!!!!

LeBoldus!! WOOO HOO! rock on girls! love ya
(same to every one else!). STEVE DAWG!
ok so once apon a time steve n his fammy moved

into that house by mine?

ow ow ow wooo eee oh ow eewe oooooo"
WOOO!!! WOOO!! *spasms repeatedly on stage
between struts* Dawg, how red can you actually get?

You look like you're gonna burst up there.

When he popped in I was like WOOO.... Today
the man whose DAWG I like to KEEK (that
would be beamz) told me I should be using

My goodness

we tink ur fery pretttty an we likd meeetin ur
famleee 2 ... woo wooo wooooooooo
luf ... You had me talking in dawg

When I edit it's gonna be

awwwwwwwwesome!... when I arrive back
at home around the 21st of April. Until then dawg
welcome aboard Wooo Pig Sooie Racing (Hot Springs, ar)!!!

How you gonna eat your french toast....

Auto response from studying for 2 exams....
then its the weekend ... WOOO HOOOO!
But my momma razed me as a dawg.

Rich Dawg: He's just asking

if anyone speaks German. Rich Dawg: Ich kann nur German sprechen,
einen Internet├╝bersetze
r gebrauchend...wooo hooo! .
i was like.. WOOO!! hahaha i dont know.

watch me do terrible *sadness*.