Thursday, June 22, 2006

What People Are Saying About Flarf

Forty million Americans write flarf;
the only ones who don’t like it are Judge Thomas and Jay Leno.
“I tried it once but it didn't do anything to me
that it doesn’t does to you. I really don't know
that much about it.” A chubby man.
There’s been no top authority saying what flarf does
to you. Just say know. Another rumour
has Cuomo forbidding flarf. He seems genuinely surprised.
Almost forgot: Janice Joplin never even wrote flarf..... well, actually
she tried it once, but it didn’t do anything for her.
“He said what about flarf, and I told him that I tried it once but it didn’t
do anything for me. I then stopped him and said, are you GAY too?”
There’s nothing better than good flarf. But bad flarf?
“There's no room in the poetry world for amateurs.”

Wait Until Ric Ocasek Okays It

They wait until you're finished getting huge
And play them against what I see until
I find they came up with the concept of
We were saying "Okay, Karate Kid."
Cars frontman, Ric Ocasek, lends his guys
Cars, always gets the girls ...wait a minute…
I really didn't “know it” until my
Early teens: by buzzing power cords
Much like in my previously-posted
Halle Berry story, a guy who looked
Like a crossbreed between Stephen Hawking
And Ric Ocasek. I’m barely listening
As I wait to get a very thin fell-
Ow who looked a lot like Ric Ocasek,
Consumer, producer, and brainstorm…Nah,
Wait a minute ... If you thought her name was
Amazing, wait until I go bowling.
When things get kind of sketchy, Modest Mouse,
Journey back from your keyboard-dripping, tell
Them you did not get cable until you
Were right. You can drag Ric Ocasek and
Boy George ... rockers are scary still can't
Until "Rudolf the Red” can run his own
Stupid show (“Slam dunk: Ric Ocasek walking”).
I got tongue tied and was like "ric osee---
Ocaa---you ... “ I also can not wait
To decorate my locker, but I doubt
We'll get locker assignments (low E string)
(the thickest one). Wave romp with "Dangerous Type"
Which even Ric, our government, falls for, things
Will never change. I jump out of my skin.
I hate any place where trendy f--ks wait
In line ... would avoid you like a leper
Until a bouncer (with minty freshness!)
Locates a honkin' big scale that I can use.
Retardo (e-mail) … now wait a minute …
Treated the audience to "Deer Path Dances."
I hobble on it for a week until
Astronauts doing it in space sell-out,
Until Bush, Aerosmith, that is, until
Natalie Portman makes her own website.