Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Asphodel, That Greeny Fuck

You heard it Greeny fuck
    headachey Crush
        Triad Purple pulled
at the hoping traitor
    to release badgered giving
        you threw your legs!
But rest assured, folks--
    lip balm to coax an egg
        out of a brandy bottle,
or some greeny shit pennies
    using the Hash Bags,
        "I dunno its exhaust pipe,"
like Arlo Skating for GREENy
    (This fucker's going down)
        oh god ... images
last i heard greeny was
    trying to bum rich ... but thats
        a regular occurence....
oh you fucker
    ima kick your sorry
        scottish ass.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Anecdote of the Discontinued Laminate Flooring

John F. in Tennessee
Needed some discontinued laminate flooring;
They couldn't find it anywhere
& wrote to me.

I placed a call to Hal McClure
The first permanent white settlement
In Tennessee.

I placed a target at seven yards
And proceeded to try to shoot at it
While I baked pancakes
(Interpretation of the law in Tennessee).

Anecdote of the Magic Stik

I placed a 3 by 5 ad in AUTO NEWS:
"1960 Lotus Elite
fully restored & running
and parked in Tennessee."

I placed a helix on my TranSystem converter
At 16:03:22 EST
To get circular polarization
When I worked in Tennessee.

I placed a large spilt shot about 18" above the Magic Stik
rigged Texas style on Bass Pro Shop XPS 1/0,
Carolina Wide Gap hook:
Smallie Time In Tennessee.

Anecdote of the Unknown Substance

The problem came in Tennessee.
I placed a few grains
Of this unknown substance
On my tongue.

I was a 25-year-old Catholic from New York
Having sex with a 16-year-old
"Mentally defective" patient
In Tennessee.

I placed a small but biting tit clamp
On his left nipple--
The first openly gay candidate
To run for Congress in Tennessee.

Lucky Pierre Talks with the Pope

When someone Double Heimlichs Pope John Paul
Their diatribes appeal. "Thanks for saying
Those nasty words." "I am the Central Park Jogger,
A three-month suspended sentence and sex abuse crisis;
Push him back out in the hopes the tide will take him."
He stops and talks to the two bums in order.
Fed Chairman Greenspan should be so lucky.
War Noise. The American dollar at 74.86¢.
This disabled visitor felt a new strength.
"The original chapel was donated by unpublished
Scripts of talks broadcasted next to the French
Archaeologist and mystic three-way."
Snicker every time the preacher talks,
Not fat, but "husky" and hairy like a god.