Monday, March 14, 2005


From childhood: "Orange porridge, orange porridge / Ain't nothing to rhyme with orange!" as we skipped rope. Orange porridge and fishy fears. "I'm so bland," said the porridge as he looked over at the orange. PURPLE BURT eats the ever vigilant Mr. McKay, you wouldn't believe the dubiousness of this piece--in which Black Monkey Orange Strychnos irritating gondolas and their gondoliers became numerous illegal substance dumps. It was night when they reached the village where dwelt the mother of Gudu's betrothed, who laid meat. The porridge was hot!!!!

Blu-blocker sunglasses, orange oil in eagle eyes, inboard propulsion (boats), hypodermic syringe, snake fangs. The syringe you get when you have a headache. The funnel can be aimed by the squid to control the student newspaper. She reached for a syringe and injected any wandering anteater. A full-grown chimp can rip your arm off without even achievement. A CHIMP VET jams a nine-inch SYRINGE that churned out alcoholic slush, a kitchenful of BBQ, a slutty nurse who squirted Tito's and cranberry juice directly into one's mouth and LSD directly to the intestine with a cotton swab layer of "prison orange."

Judge Dismisses Vietnamese Lawsuit Alleging Makers of Agent Orange Wishing Viewers Courage. "And, to each of you," he said, "courage." Orange corn could nourish Africa. On one cleared space there was a row of gun-gray clouds, which were filled with large flashes of orange-colored flame. If time permitted I'd slam down a glass of orange juice and head out the door. The old veterans talk in Orange Square. Whiskey to bolster their courage and dull glazed doughnuts. Toothaches, headaches, wound infection, impotence, memory, orange divination, love, luck, money-attraction, rose geranium, courage & protection.

Campus Watch

learned my lessons
from the previous employee,
a self-serving
screed about Sexual Behavior.
this just in, I wrote songs
to piss in.

there's an apparent double-standard
(yoni) in the form of a
left-wing socialist in the middle of France.
writing his screed against "delusional
blow jobs" (lingam) half a
can of ant poison high in my
professional life
far from the flea eclipse
that might give itself
to bankruptcy

I ghost-wrote this myself
re-reading the famous late Olive Garden notes
(that's in the Don Allen anthology, right?)
Nader's magnifying glass over
tender green shoots of Joe Piscipo

God bless the troglodytes
Hyperventilating fried-ant responses
grasshoppers bought
by selling the piles of Velvet Undergroud CDs
Danny Glover just stole your free time