Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company can support
fissile material production for a nuclear weapons program.

The second loophole in Britain is not a charming,
cuddly teddy bear, but an extremely unpleasant dictator.

Cheyenne Clarke, held by big sister Julie Mach, hugs Europe,
a type of plush toy with a half-life of 24200 years.

"Teddy Bear, Teddy bear, turn around" is *not* a cadence
but a pajama-wearing buffoon cuddling his crazed military committee members.

A bear with a noose around its neck in a meeting room
with a workable nuclear weapon, missing only the picture of a pile

of rubble with a torn a teddy bear in it. A child holding a teddy
bear is shown in a moment of light-hearted play....

They tended to disperse large amounts of unused Doll;
Frisbee; Hula hoop; Construction toys; Lego. Suffice it to say,

my thyroid didn't get along well with fissile material. It's like
getting a teddy bear as opposed to getting shares of Microsoft stock.