Wednesday, June 16, 2004

components for a space-based kinetic-kill vehicle (KKV)

1. a bear trap
2. spy plane
3. an erection
4. Canadian biathelete
5. dong or wang
6. horrific vision
7. a puny shield
8. anal sex and cheesy poofs
9. the Alps against the cock
10. "you bend over and get the black bear experience"
11. a snook
12. a prescription drug benefit
13. cock sparrows
14. Klan member
15. used condom protecting Moscow
16. 6-foot high ice sculpture of a penis
17. a 1973 Texas statute
18. a lone Koala
19. physical closeness
20. loaded gun in teddy bear
21. Alabama Woman
22. a leash on dangerous dogs
23. Mel the aficionado
24. a young polar bear
25. grandparents' beef stick
26. elimination of debate
27. bunnypoker bear furniture
28. abused elephant's galactic vagina
29. Cock-fighting operation
30. Wal-Mart values
31. a hole

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

There's a Berenstain Bear Shitting in the Woods

There's a Berenstain bear shitting in the woods.
For some people
the Berenstain bear is easy to see.
Others don't see it at all.

Some people say
the Berenstain bear is a tamale.
Others say it's Sid Vicious.
Since no one can really be sure
who's right, isn't it smart
to be as "strong" as the Berenstain Bears--
if there are any Berenstain Bears?

Then a man with a gun appears
and shoots himself in the penis.