Friday, April 30, 2004

Got A Chick Glimpse of My Deer Hunter Make Up

Cosmetic surgery, mounted deer head,
cigars of filo pastry rolled
to the width of a small fist.
Onion slivers in a wasabi mayonnaise--charged
to the American Deer Hunters Association of North America

along with our safety
(a touch of wasabi)
eyes water at Programs and Television Commercials

Names of the dead
Scroll up in silence
U2 rocks the theme park
Up With People--"Wasabi, Wassup?"

Dead man eating
chicken rice-a-roni
deer salami
hand rolled cigars

Meat wrapped in kinds of mammals
(venison is disconcertingly called "deer")
close to the Beltway, body shots
of Goon Patrol

Because you can do that to a deer
slurplice made from native venison
citizens who own the local surplus
wan wank wares wasabi wasting