Monday, March 14, 2005

Campus Watch

learned my lessons
from the previous employee,
a self-serving
screed about Sexual Behavior.
this just in, I wrote songs
to piss in.

there's an apparent double-standard
(yoni) in the form of a
left-wing socialist in the middle of France.
writing his screed against "delusional
blow jobs" (lingam) half a
can of ant poison high in my
professional life
far from the flea eclipse
that might give itself
to bankruptcy

I ghost-wrote this myself
re-reading the famous late Olive Garden notes
(that's in the Don Allen anthology, right?)
Nader's magnifying glass over
tender green shoots of Joe Piscipo

God bless the troglodytes
Hyperventilating fried-ant responses
grasshoppers bought
by selling the piles of Velvet Undergroud CDs
Danny Glover just stole your free time