Friday, February 24, 2006

mollycoddle walnut DROOPYDRAWERS

mollycoddle wan\lut DROOPYDRAWEDS in the improtant
scene between the archipelago & the Eye-ranian consulate
wuttagonna do? I guess this is my port-o-popeye
kneecushion, dangling between irate tanka constrcution
& the viewmastr of AN ANGRY GOD\ basilisk ski

dawn raiders with big SLAWPY tongues
awl over my RETARD HELMET, huh huh
                made out of goober granite,
SONG SUNG BLEW, right out of high school
      into the frightened pan:
            gosh, I'm doorknobbed!

WOODROW WILSON SCISSOR PENIS--dance with me, li'l rock star
I aint got no kidney bean dropcloth

Snow boy, snow boo-boy, you're oh so sober
resin itchin up mah tonsil massage
call it a temporary praxis AWK AWK PITUITARY DONUT
Somalian briggflats to Russian HONKY PUS
CLAW mah way outta Terrier Town with a HOT TOPIC
wuznt invited so I'll poop on yr pom-poms

You really like living in a flatulent beer bong?
My sister likes having her THONG bronzed, aw yeh
And if I ever get a wedge of that carpal toenail
    therell be merrily
heralded airs for we

And the next PANTY-ocracy will be the FREAK WEEK BOUTIQUE
sooper stoopid trapezoid air guitar

I will take some savage WOMAN


Anonymous said...
Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

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