Friday, February 24, 2006

Lumpy Cuddle

                  ... with Mama and Lumpy, and tha crowd just screams, yeah! Pillow-Cuddlin
Marti O and Miss Fluffypuff
'99 Role: "Cuddle Sweetz Celebrity..."
...on Wednesdays. Now the 7 ghosts cuddle up on their mold, perfume-shaped lump!
And silky! The ghosts lock eggs, give birth to cheese pucks!
Hell honey, tonight I just want a cuddle [he still had that lumpy and they
both still liked to cuddle on it together, their entire
bodies suck it and coo over it and cuddle up to it!]

Now when someone say "Can I pet you?" I lift both wings
So I don't miss petting my sides where I always say "oooooh,
I're lumpy". I passed all boundaries!, and simply
become the cuddle ideal, neither Mr. nor Miss Fluffypuff
... noooo ... I're but a lumpy combination!

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