Tuesday, February 21, 2006

How Those Stoopid Flarfists Think Google Works

"All fools are poets; this the prefect feels; and he is merely guily of a non distributio medii in thence inferring that all poets are fools."

--Poe, "The Purloined Letter"

I put in a burning flag and out comes
a McNub burger which Bob Dylan (looking
like shit) devours with all his heart as I
pour in some leetsauce. Let's see what

happens if I put in a candy bar.... See, I told
you this computer is very special! Noises,
finally a bell rings and out comes a can of
apple juice! But there is a huge hole behind him,

and out comes a ferocious and inappropriate
backlash. Finally, trolls create a paranoid
environment, such that a casual criticism
by a new arrival can elicit wit and metaphor.

Out comes a notice slip saying "no refunds."
Pophammy puts in a cheesecake and out comes
a dead bit of skin peeled off my Grandad's foot.
Grandad's a good old-fashioned frag-fest--

he put in a huge "hunter" and out came
a cacodemon! Whereas I put in a dollar
and out comes a ten. I put in a few quarters
and it paid out 60!! I put in a request to mentor

this Pokemon and out comes a Zigzagoon
a Loudred and a Delcatty. I put in a note
saying that I am sorry if I offended The Machine.
You hear a wand being activated, and out

comes a dead fiendish dire baboon. I put in
a bomb ... cosmos is offline. I put in a find command
and out comes a pile of blood guts and shit,
then a couple dogs come over and one starts eating.

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