Tuesday, February 28, 2006


subject: my analyzation
tell me if this does not make perfect sense
I feel that "white" people are generally dumb
I grew up in a white neighbornood my first gf was white
but its my analyzation of physical features that made me pick Korean girls

first if you can please tell me if I am correct in my analyzation
and IF this methodolgy is recommended by most or not
a story by my analyzation is those brain cells expressing
their struggle to do whatever it is they are attempting to do
like the oppressent scent of roses in the afternoon
but that rarely happens I overanalyze things to the point where I overanalyze
my analyzation and then I run hide and do anything I can to stop it all

I am very analytical about things
my analyzation of you is this
you are NOTHING
I'm something a lot more than you could ever hope to be
you are NOTHING
you are nothing to me

I'm not sure whether my analyzation's right or wrong
although through my analyzation of their spawn times and points
and with their average lvl they maybe not be as lucrative
as turning rabid griz pelts in


Anonymous said...

Why such subtlety of the worm. The error is in believing a question exists. Pleasant as dawn is you are doomed. I apologize if this is of some concern to no one. There are more words to tell you there are more than words. You have my blessing.

Anonymous said...

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