Friday, February 24, 2006


ahhwww now I havee to
Archaeologists recover and desalt these lumpy concretions (essentially negative molds),
law clouds Angel's day, clouds slaying alert but not noticeably lumpy
Oakland attorney, accused of killing pregnant Microsoft My friend Karen
vibrating. If not vibrating, then certainly lumpy.
Stop the blinkin....Awwww geeez, spinach salad everywhere
Silent Scope, where you act as a police sniper fighting off terrorists.
They reward for head shots
do ghost exist? I want to develop my psycic abilities
i know i have it
NPR's "All Things Considered" gave the fullest report, quoting
Emily and her mother, nurse Linda "Awwww love!"
awwww so cute! Awwww..a real cutie! Awwww....what a cutie!
awwww come on ... it's soft and organic
Elmo likes making funny faces! yew kantz watchez meez!! Yew haz tew
hey abdulfatha alabri, i'll be ur friend
We feel like Johnny is here in spirit, anyway! crap....problem found
Follow me to Tulip's World Cuddling... in a cemetary?
Yeah my friend got all new furniture
Mr McReedy looks so much more lifelike now he's dead ... awww SKI MASK

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