Friday, February 24, 2006


Nothin that another hit a baleen won’t fix up...
I put my spleen-toons on the intrenet!!!
Gawd, I can't see through these goat paddies yet...
humma-fluff: Baby boomer whales hit menopause?
... Hit-and-Run the-looooong pieces of Elite Slumberland and Honey Bear
in front of my computer wearing my fluffy red
bathrobe and suffering from a sore ... I'll
be receiving hate/conversion mail regarding this
so just swallow it hole, mmhum
hey must have hit an artery!
bounce off whatever
it is easier for a camel to pass
through the eye of a HubbaHickadic musta put krill in yr stuff!
Mmmm -- ma look the remains of young CEO Horsies!
and do a belly flop when they hit their butt!
I could go there
this minute and find balls
in their blowholes
my dog is cute and fluffy ... is this a sin? ...
Emotional entanglements and being hit by
... woahhhh woahhh woahhhh... did my eyes just play
a trix on me? a puppet with medium popcorn and box of Blavotsky?
"Pro" team pre-HARPIE baubles!, mmm-hm, he-bunny ... the
bunny ... ooooh I ate the bunny ... Surrounded
by your Glory what will my heart feel
Will I dance for you, I got swardfish in my trousers
and we jes went off the gold standard!
he father, the son, and the fluffy dice
so i had to find the P-Uter train so I could get to
Boston cause there was nooo
way I was driving to Boston cause that would be insane!
... animal rights, antibacterial thingies, awkward
moments of silence, big fluffy pillows,
I wantedto BE the Beverly hick-in-the-muds
In with my shirts?
does that happen? recoiled in hummma-mumma
as I saw that pen in the bottom of the hummma-mumma
... no don't you understand I'm at your command.
Oh baby please,
please, don’t leave me this way ... nooo baby. ...
Purpose: To help children remember that we are like
the the novascotia sqirm-bank--a very reputable
bank and ask fer yr account in corn chowter shouter!
this is the the powers that be can do anything tomorrow....
Go buy it now!
Slept til 2:30. uh huh Watched The Matrix.mmm huaugh..
I ate an entire fraction of the cost
was nooo way I could make it seamless unless all the
out-sides to out-hack up your blimpy rasta pasta!
Aye plans to retire at 35 (nooo!).
she has more time to watch and guide the Tongs as
I just want you to know, I did *not* authorize that cosTOME
"Practice, practice practice."
Everyday above ground is a good good day!
Oh my goodness; Power Nap;
wolfy-Cheese; You check it out
I'm VERA Fido-enhansed!

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