Saturday, February 01, 2003

"When barking freely through incarnadine schlumpfests"

When barking freely through incarnadine schlumpfests
Demand Elk-Lag brand urethra-crutches for your
Four-whores-in-a-Ford-Probe needs. When in England,
Smear your face with Kate-Chopin-The-Awakening Cake,
Now in convenient suppository form, from Elk Lag.
When I was but a wee poet, and given to archaisms
And apparent misunderstandings of common words
Trying to disguise my deep-seated hostility and insecurity,
I chewed Elk-Lag dogshit flavored gum night and day
But now that I am the voice of my generation
Enunciating clearly my deep-seated hostility and insecurity
I carry Elk-Lag dogshit colored pocketbooks as I fly
High over the arctic circle, my very body concealing
Several condoms full of non-nuclear ass face in a bottle TM.
Past performance is no guarantee of future dick-in-ear. Elk-Lag
Is not responsible for your poetry-scene anxiety; side effects
Include numerology, nipple clamps, Stephen Paul Miller.