Saturday, February 01, 2003

On Flarfette Jones and Her Work

Because she made me fall in love with Bob Lazar. Bob Lazar is a
forty-year-old pyrotechnics researcher. Lazar sounded like an eccentric
and further revealed a fifteen or sixteen and a good foot and a half little
two year old finger ... I still love him, but he pushed me away, bunch of
shit I don't need, came home, ate popsicles, and napped. "I love you."
Then he said, "Do you know what MY favorite gift was this year?" I played
popsicles and push pops! We are like the coolest peoples ever. You came
in my life and I was blessed, I love you. The following users are also
interested in popsicles. Cry-in-the-wind and I'm just like no way! Once
there was this widdle girl and she didn't eat anything but popsicles and
pudding for a week. I love it here. And I love the people. (And he brought
popsicles with him.) It boosted our self-esteem, like Rosa on the bus:
Blue pen met the notebook, it fell madly in love to write anything in here.