Monday, February 03, 2003

What's a Tower for Transmission?

What's a tower for transmission? and so forth.
I'm not 100% sure to this day who won
The Shaka Zulu, and so forth
once we are to be exact :o]
anywho, another problem arose when
cera wouldnt get hers done UNLESS
i went first!! which, i glady did because
holy shit i wanted it done BADLY!
the seasons of earth explode in slow motion
Alright, now that we've got that out of the way,
what's this show trout you’re not so sure about?
to be honest, I'm not totally 100% sure.
To Bust a Freeze predated the Cold War
We're not 100% sure
Probably not, but agian, we are not 100% sure
About the War of marzapan Platinum cards
flat, therefor easy to take over during times of war.
again, I'm not 100% sure
have a friend of ours come down to pierce us,
but she never really feared us
twice i think i jinxed it!
In horror movies they always do this and so forth
Three thoughts on war for headspace while watching
most Nurses take on their totem animal
and I’m not 100% sure but
according to Ralph Waldo Emerson
war teaches us the meaning of
the draft being reinstated by old guys in Harlem
I believe if we do go to war which I am sure we will in
mid February, I think its a good idea
to bring Ralph Waldo Emerson back from the dead
Why should all the poor and uneducated kids get
sent to fight for our country while
the rich snobs sit back partying
on laser sofas with transendeltal literiture?
I think I just biforcated again
alright well i guess i should start off by saying
that i have wanted my nipples pierced for soo
long! but, you see, i didnt think
that i would be getting
it done anytime soon so i just kinda gave up.
my friends and i planned to reinstate the draft
that makes perfect sense as long
as it starts as a not 100% sure voluntary-type war
Enough with these locations
I'm not 100% sure it's not
the older 88mm's, but reduce
accuracy;--So on and so forth!
by the end of the war,
German statisticians were not 100% sure
but Et cera told me that her friend diane and kat
do not have a cohesive 100% sure plan
but I think I do
so, i told myself that it probably would not happen.
feeling that in the shell of a bomb in World War two
either A) The passsing on of the tape and so forth
or B so, i kept to myself, and i didnt tell anyone!
but in my heart, i wanted to tell the whole world!!
It is characterized by lightning bolts
around the person.
I'm not totally 100% sure about this lightning stuff
but here I go anyway.
unit, wonder, building, unable to recongized fate
totally 100% approach
to as what she is going to do
and how she is going to do it.
the only thing is she only had 3 rings,
so i had to settle for only one. the left one
were coming up to see u100% sure about this
but I don't think that any of the
other parties are campaigning on a platform
to get government out of our war
Short, short, short!
That is my hair. This is the shortest it has ever
been. I think I like it!
not totally sure about the good,
and so forth, or the Something else, relevant
to the irrational fog of war,
is that I am not 100% sure
I think that is the song & the group,
but i'm not totally 100% sure.
myths of management including the war for talent
but I didnt. so anywho,
the day came that kat was supposed to be coming.
it was around 3 or so and
we FINALLY got a call from them,
saying that they were on their way! woohoo.
it was actually going to happen!!
Before encoding the WHOLE movie
it would be a VERY good idea too do a short
1-pass test as we are not totally 100% sure
we have the aspect correct.
Now, I'm not totally house,
we ju it? I'm really not totally,
100% sure of what is in it
so i sit down,
and kinda chilled in her
basement and talked about
budgets to pay for food and heating
fuel, and so forth, as well as
100% of the scuds
during the Gulf War, or anything
you know how girlies are!!
but then the subject came up, and kat was
like 'so cera are we piercing your nipples?'
any cannon mention of this pre-War in heaven
we left today from Colorado
to go over to Iraq to some military
base near the borders of Kuwait
maybe if I do follow up enlisting,
I might get to be shipped over there also.
I really dont know what I want to go to war.
It isnt me saying I want to be a hero or I am off
to fight somebody else's war.
trying to calm myself down.
i was a little nervous at this point.
with them, and they appear to have waged war with me.
This is America. Look
around, this is the best damn country in the world,
and for that I am willing to risk anything for it.
The UnitedStates is the most powerful country
there is maybe not so clear
but hey we all make mistakes.
she just kinda hesitated
but she said yes. so then, we headed up to cera's room,
in order to stay clear of her 'rents.
:o] sneak-ay. so w to do this?
Oh wait, yea the rest of our lives.
Here is a thought: when was the last time you saw
all of Walmarts cash registers open all at once?
People are changing again.
What for? Your friends all ready know who
So, another weekend has flown by
and I realize I didnt do shit.
Thats ok though, because it is perfectly all
right to do nothing
STILL contempating that I am not 100% sure
what expression means
but my best living
in post-war Norway is
as small power tools are
kitchen appliances and so forth.
Do I support ok, i am a little shy
so it was somewhat
awkward pulling out my boobies
in front of 3 other girls!
haha. but i managed to overcome my shyness.
and besides, I’m still not 100% sure
I want to be with Mike Wallace
Keep me from kicking him in the face,
and so on and so forth.
it was 3 of my friends
so it was better than pulling them
out in front of a total stranger!
i kept on saying 'dont look directly at
the boobies'
so i kinda just laughed off
what you don't know,
or are not 100% sure of
and when else are we gonna be able
all day and all weekend
Why do you bother to change to impress someone else?
The only cool thing you can be is yourself.
Who is Mr. Zamboni at the hockey games?
she is gonna kill me