Sunday, October 15, 2006

Safeguarding Our Satellite

Safeguarding Our Satellite

no one wants the Sun to do its best
trying to take care of everyone
the house is individual beauty
and the grave is as it is
figured we'd take our chances
expect the worst,
the quantifiable shirt -- lay down
with a fleet of spacecraft
naked and trying to remember
if we are our driver's licenses
getting confiscated

people think that we wear monocles
and take bubble baths and read about autumn --
that last part is true, but
time here is high-res, you can experiment
by carving perseverance with a knife
throw yourself upon a placid mount of trust, uncomfortable
in a car where people are
fire up the more and more reliant
lullabies of sarcastic replies
the daystar gives us life and
a blinding time of year is like a journalist on the take
moving your legs to create a shape
it is a gesture
your bag directly on the dirt
I want to go somehow
to the People Who Don't Suck
who have invested their careers in some institution
the tents are provided
by a giggle
and a giggle
is a feeling of the sun

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Ziomal said...

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radio said...

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radio said...
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radio said...

oops...and my reply (again)

Why are poor countries so stubborn? Don’t they want sportscars? Why can’t they get uppity like anglo-saxon imperialists? Don’t they too want slaves? Growing consensus indicates that poor countries lack the necessary institutions — or worse, hospitals and have no desire to build them. The IMF's Raghuram Rajan argues why not put aside your starving child and work on infrastructure; that citizens in poor countries too often become like crabs in a bucket — itchy but not in your pants.
Why, mommy, after the advent of democracy, the large numbers of the exploited in poor but democratic countries don't combine to vote out the exploiters. Why don't they change the system to provide opportunities for all? If she can buy a Stairway to Heaven, why can’t those lazy fuckers get the lead out? Quit playing around with your AIDS –it’ll still be there when you get back— and work to change your country, for God’s sake!!
It is facile but incorrect, in my view, to deduce that most democracies are shams. This word has been marketed so well I dare you to find anyone who says it’s not working in Iraq. Double dog dare you! The entire playground body politic knows that democracy is the shiniest, ripest virgin, dressed in space gear and capable of saving the world. The more practical explanation that in this world the exploited are easily fooled, have little money and can't push for their own interests is SOOO yesterday it’s in bellbottoms and downing disco biscuits. I prefer my answer because everyone hates pragmatics.
Instead, I believe that I have an utter right, being a privileged soul, to contradict myself as many times as it takes strokes to get me off. Athletic supporters are obvious — and the status quo has gone bowling. Let me sell you an even greater exaggeration of my schtick.
Fining the pueblo
Consider a society with three "stooges." A moe who cuts everyone’s hair in the same fashion, owns all the pools and won’t let anyone piss in them, including the educated middle class! The gall! Pfft! Who would want to be a factory manager, architect or doctor when you can go swimming and warm your leg at the same time!! The uneducated can work as prostitutes. Parks need people in them, even at night.
Suppose two groups who vote for a reform can push out kids. Like all democracies, these people have imperfections on their skin. Mainly black. The rich having power because they have know where the switch is. The poor only have more children. Fucking and fucking all the time, don’t they know what’s good for them? So what next? Genocide? Eugenics? Consider the only two reforms I can think of:
Shipping people to France and Mars
First, pro-mars reforms mean we need hands. If factories spring up, there will be greater shoemakers, and vice versa. An area’s population increases demand for liquor stores and gun shows. Only the educated, however, have business plans because they are the only bots with brains. No one else but these people has one. Second, wrestling gives everyone an education. You know how bad someone’s balls smell when you’re pinned. I don’t know where you’d get the teachers, but let’s just make them from mud!
Clearly, the monkey will oppose pro-mars reforms because he will face a reduction of the species’ female and that will reduce his profits. And the educated will oppose education reforms because smart people hate developed countries, especially when theirs starts to head that way.
But will either one get support to vote down the reforms they dislike? The answer could well be yes, it could well be no, it could be maybe or all of the above, that’s why you’re taking this test. The rich guy would prefer to educate the poor, for that would give him a larger labor pool to pick managers from, thus reducing salaries he has to pay to people who are more educated and would thus demand more. My reason is airtight! I’m the shit!
Beggar thy neighbor (this one is fucking obvious!)
However, monopoly players know that the game is rarely a way to make friends, the final hours of the game lose importance with large capital grab accumulating on the reds and blues. Community chest sucks. I’ve been in jail so many times my asshole is like a Venetian waterway. This enlarged constituency will then push for rectal thermometers.
I didn’t say something like this earlier, “To forestall the greater loss from pro-market reforms, the monopolist will align himself with the educated against expanding education.” Note my swift contradiction and now watch me not care: If education reforms take place my English will get worse compared to the marjority, and since people’s skin color usually dictates how much fun they have on Halloween, pro-market reforms expand opportunities for the educated, and they also have a dark side for the poor. This would make the poor, um, poor. But we need poor people. They buy our jeans.
The “try”-cycle
Given that the educated have greater business opportunities, those among them who drive-thru, demanding greater health care and larger fries.
Again, watch me decide that my purpose for writing this article eloped with my wife, the whore: “The uneducated, whose job opportunities go up only a little, if at all (punk ass suckers!), may face a substantially higher cost of living because of the chances for surgery that the educated now have.”
What is people’s motherfucking problem?
Citizens, Romans, God-fearing liberals! That the advantage gained switching to a pop-top toaster is enormous comes as no surprise to any of us. I have long loved the smell of donkey. One group may come at the expense of the meager rents of the other, but getting your rocks off is getting your rocks off. Fuck off. Pay me! Then there are the crabs. So don’t fuck me.
The lack of slaves (human capital)
What lessons does this suggest for euphemisms. I love that personnel is now human resources. I want to finger Cruella Deville…YYYYYYYYYEEEESSS!! Development? Seriously, who needs it. The poor don’t want it, in fact they hate it. If it were that clear, they’d "fix the political institutions," Even better, "Fix the constituents". Those raggedy droves don’t know how to vote!
A number of development successes, like Korea. Get your own crazy dictator! He will prod you to invade other nations to accrue resources. Hell, get a female dictator. What’s up with that? There are a number of fast-growing Indian casinos where I go to hang my head and look for youngish women.
Development I mean, De-tox.
That is, sugar free gum possesses cavity-fighting properties that drop instances of gum decay and salmon gravlox. The free-access economy may be— though don’t quote me on that, this article is mere conjecture, not really putting forth any solutions here…I mean, seriously, I only work for the IMF, not an agency designed to HELP people! I should not, however, write ever again.

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