Monday, November 13, 2006

Hot Tuna Fantasy Guitar Camp


lighting to red-gold the tips of the willow
The moon isn't waxing it's dusting
an explosively loud vacuum toilet
Jorma's conjuring jewels out of blackberries
Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl who survived
the Nazi death camps says Lemme tell ya
I snorted this entire song at church


Revelee: cbs kraut bobble and visigoth delphic mush
An elf: Take that you damn nerds (Darth Vader begins to laugh
wearing a black head-to-toe abaya in the hot sun
I remember my dreams of nazi children
their way of letting you know that your back moans
like a hot princess wondering around camps
or a Susan Sontag sort of way, or a winking-ha-ha sort of way


The eternal sinewy buzzsaw welcoming celebrants
To bushy haired sweat benches
Apparently, word of my proficiency on the tuba has reached
a struggling young trophy band in the parlance of our times
It burns a bright blue flame. A combination of methane gas,
and Scottish strathspeys...Using the nail, press a hole through the
side of
This adorable young thing, my thumb
I am not a pussy...I decide to swallow the blood and complete the set.


Pinball purists shunned the new invader, but we were hot to experience
this latest incarnation from the pitchfork has shut down gulags
As I lifted my chin and looked upwards it was the light and smoke
from the burning chest that attracted Aag
over ruins of Houston putting its gas mask WAY bluegrass
at the Areopagus we are all Gods


Adults are becoming increasingly FRAYED TO THE POINT OF PSYCHOSIS
Dropping a throng of sweaty people into the space needle
the Canadian geese will lift off for their final jaunt to Chile
On the way, while hidden behind a cloud, I will spot a field mouse
as ONE and all ego boundaries dissolve into the ether


Peter De Vries said...

I talked about Viktor Frankl yesterday to a friend going to visit a her mother. The mother was going into surgery but didn't want to bother the daughter with this incident so she said nothing until the very last minute; it was one of those "o yeah and by the way"...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

A complete intelligibility and therein a mastery unperformed. We are no longer asking the questions.
We are implicated only so far as no question can exist.
Behold all grace to the utmost inertia. Fallacy is self-immolating. Stillness is not achieved but endured. Once there was and once will be. We too were fated for this freedom.