Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nerf Land

human beings r sooo presidential ... they r
renting out puppies now ! ! ! ! how cruel is that ? ! ?

haiii... now im at su’s house... she’s sooo presidential lor....
just now we were like at an orchard screaming
about doin presidential stuff

The system is sooo presidential that it appears
stealth spells / skills are the only true way to go .
My buddy has no problems with enemies
because he finally became Republican: “Rap does suck
and is sooo non-presidential aka non-Presidents Attempting Poetry.”

Yeah, I used to say it more than I do now. I realized
how stupid it sounds. “OMG, that is sooo presidential”

OMG THIS is SOOO Presidential!! Just Bugging Out.

a random comic!! I drew it at my cabin
a few weeks ago! I just forgot it was in my bag!!!
Katie's request suffered the same fate!

I eat it plain..OOOOOK!! roflmfao! and then
“Beth, are you cookin sumpthin?" OOOOHH
SHIT MY RAVIOLIS!! lmao.. that was soo ... you know.

She moves her head with it to see it as it flies .
She is sooo presidential lol . .
thank God this wasnt during a war , it was just a horse lesson . hehehe

Having little nerf land 10 ft away then hearing someone
yelling “your hit! your hit!” from 50 ft away is sooo presidential .
It just causes people to make money [which is obviously all
they want to do, they are a business ––

theyre maikin fun of fat ppl then tellin them to use
theyre product its not gay just really presidential]

YO dude . . my friend just fucking oded for the 4th fucking time . . .
this time on some flintstone vitamins . . . my friend is sooo presidential

Idiots have bred presidents to be much larger than ever
intended, thereby increasing the incidence of hip dysplasia .

WELLLLLLLBYE!!!! laugh out loud!!!!! love, a person!


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