Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Looked Over Jordan and What Did I See

I saw a US Marine in a pile of debris
he told JFK that he really had to pee
I need to go and take a pee
I shit on you I shit on me

peeing is a hobby
you aim to the left
and pee to the right
or is it the other way around?

the cowboys cry "ki-yip-pee-yi"
deep in the heart of Texas
1. who has an erection while peeing?
2. no mortal man could pee that much

this fine young virgin she was there
her portfolio was down 30%
the pee-oor old sle-ave, etc.
the piggity poor old sliggity slave etc.

ladies please torture & humiliate me
by Uncle Bob
your daddy's mad
he's done got pee-eeved

all right for keyholes
and little girlies' peeholes
but that's merely a clarinetist
who hide in their office and pee on their carpet

but the third of these pee little thrigs
he was smart
it was more like a rock
peeing on another rock

I am the very model of a stupid Star Trek admiral
I'm in the mood for love!
I shall smite thee!
I was kicked out of a video store


Erik Mann said...

another great blog from you guys. i'd point you to mine but it isn't yet the way I'd like it. i do have a website that I think is cool, kind of almost about martial art tattoo

stan said...

that one's good.

Erik Mann said...

another great post...cool blog...erik

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