Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Poetry and Squirting

influential troubadours filtering out small organisms
in their thoraxes with the garden hose for a meal
relate the universal aspects of poetry by massage
of the lower udder and squirting of each teat

artists waving corn dog puppets hang loops
of pounding and squirting and sarcastic delivery
on a flimsy story about petroleum (its origins, alternatives)
and you have a real experience

employees riding around on scooters and squirting herpes
in a calorie-heavy chamber of the steering edifice
add all the statements together for the sickest part

pupils with complex and mature vocabulary
enjoy raking digging and squirting water into sand

usually when I babysat her we would run around
on the beach throwing water balloons at each other
and all the other trappings of problem drinking

as I try to press and buzz it when we both intertwisted
I ended up eating straight chicken
and squirting ketchup into my mouth

some cats might be prone to freaking out
and squirting their filthy saliva in every direction

having to swim all the time and
squirting all over the pages of such
magazines as Smooth and Little
is just fun

people would be pacified and
squirting Carly would still marry him
and yet for all this the countess is both
a lovely and a fascinating woman


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