Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Spastic Hooky on the Clamway

Butt sex w/ Snappy the Clam--
Government drops Scripps. Watch Clam Feet
Elongate Far From Shell: "How bout a 1-Way, Clam???"

"How bout a 1-Way Clam???" Ok, granted, not much response.
Nobody reads poetry anyway and I
can now see why. In my Vintage Tonka State,
The mobile Clam runs an English Dept.
Parses "Clam Nightmares" into Quoddy Way Cartoons,
clam spooge pearly, left as "evidence"

Wife ordered me to stop blogging--"feed your spirit,
stories that inspire cultural creatives. You know: 'Clam
Chowder for the Soul.' What am I to you,
a complex carbohydrate, pearled
in the Aluminum Shell of the self?"

Clam mask, surf clam, 3" Clam Knives...

The method requires that you know a little about Unix commands
and working from a unix prompt (like "clam 69")

And by the way, clam culture, as it happens
Is ruled by this bitchy little number called "Snappy
the Clam."