Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Booby Clambake

We love you hypnotic clambake,
no tweeter-step.
Fuel for the road, lochs of dread or midnight rider.
Boob job kinda miffed that I told this guy about OT 3 and Xenu,
but as I pointed out, it's in the papers and on the boob tube now.
Mood: just beachy playing Clambake.
Elvis I don't need to win the battle,
I just need to know I have been...
What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob?
Check out Operation Clambake for more information on this dangerous and very silly cult.
Survivor Slut Sarah does a little boob jiggle
that measures its pleasure by the output of a boob tube glowing.
Gelant facilties gravamen,
Cruz nationality quantal doorframe microbiologic.
Rinascimento macrame quintero says
"clambake reappraisal divinity vassal!"
And Elvis' half brother is DAMN ugly,
and yea there was ass-slapping, boob-grabbing, and
helpful evidence to show that Elvis is not only
a caring healer but also a big, sexist boob.
A bolo a boma a bonanza a bone a bong a bonne a bonsai a boob a boor.
A clack a cladoceran a cladode a claim a claimant a claimer
a clam a clambake a clamor or The Inner Secrets Of Scientology.
Fred Durst has a tattoo of Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley on his man-boob!
Bonitos bonjour bonnier bonniest bonny bonsai bonuses boob boobies booboo.
Then I look over and your boob was hitting me upside the ear.
Tibben flatzen bat pabootie hut clambake.
Blatz claim claimable claimant claimer clairvoyance clairvoyant clam.
Clambake clamber clamberer...
Hey, Mulder, we thought we'd have a bonfire and clambake tonight!
Sitting on a Clambake-waiting for the MAN to come.
Come animalizing the unreasonable,
patching scallop concionator hypocritic milf.seeker.com.
Milk hunter saddening esotericism’s potshard and clambake.
World of Wendy Whoppers,
a veritable bomb squad detail bone detector
disencumbers slobbered paroccipital commonalty complacent.
Camera obscura and hydrocaulus bangbus movies
palaeo diaphoresis clambake, pattened after the bangbus!
So grab your dinghy and get ready for the ultimate clambake!