Thursday, January 30, 2003

Poetry Pants

"I've got your homepage, right here in my pants"
I took off my pants and felt skewed
where the face should be was a mass
of squid-like tentacles
spills out mainstream, high-turnover items like tuna
beans are seen as the ants pants for web

morons attempting poetry overy horribly
sanding some guy's boat
then he would go back to his poetry
hiking up his khaki worker's pants
camouflage pants, combat boots
using opium and writing bad poetry
shiting his pants ... stoned poetry
going mainstream, this cannot happen
he's reading his own poetry about headless
mainstream blind people
I wouldn't invite them in my pants

when the poetry kicks in
write the names of people you love
on the roof of your mouth with your tongue
get an education in fuckology
at the university of my pants
w/ a modicum of success

majority maintains mainstream mainly lying
poetry portrays pirates politically
I suggest that you start writing poetry
is good or bad painting is silent poetry painting
poetry about a guy who splits his pants
who can put on a pair of pants five sizes