Thursday, May 04, 2006

Some Major Flaws in Evolutionary Theory

few artists can claim the worldwide superstar status
of Simply Red

anyone can claim they believe in God but
excuse me your balls are showing

the point behind the Creation
was to mock the argument that 9/11 was an inside job

and why it's another heavily spoiled Neon Genesis Evangelion thread
to full-out laming decline

I saw a fucktard talking to a certain someone
being assraped by her work and crap that innovating new sound

as a scientist, I shouldn't have to tell you that
"experimental" simply means some fucktard 12-year-old playing the drums

the conversation is as follows
pain in the ass "fat fuck"

somewhere right there I'll be
shoot me now! my wallet is made of duct tape

in fact we still had to pretend that we live in a
George W. Bush fucktard discussion

because the ratio of her ass to the sugar-free bumblebee guy-tini
is simple enough for her to NOT expand

because elves look good without shirts
(in this case, we see evolution)

every night I look at the sky...

I like certain color schemes as well, i.e.,
black/white, black/yellow, fuckity/fuckity/fuck

I simply must state a counter point, balls on YOUR face
I happen to agree that you are a fucktard

the gym is fun ain't great like a good sex scene
"OK" is more betterer than "doot doot doot doot"

but I totally couldn't spell, GRRR
what a burn on fucktard

which I apparently think otherwise
hey, dog owners, fuck you

and a big fuck you to any crybaby emo bubblegum pop-punk bands
I may have overlooked

it just doesn't work, the fuck you completely overshadows the fucktard
man you're an angry person

your socialite name is Bumblebee Chicago
get out of the house meet someone without your credit card

at this point, a "startling discovery" would be
all the horrors that life will inflict upon you

this is where I bitch and slowly go crazy
that's the norm in New England


Alana said...

That is a good one-

this is where I bitch and slowly go crazy
that's the norm in New England

phaneronoemikon said...
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Anonymous said...

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