Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Joe Frentzel

Fishhook laws as food
Signaling the regulation of movements
in the DOPE ASS impact of gluteus maximus
not necessarily
to say something said
Sometimes people say something
said by accident, not realizing
that their words could be taken AS FISH FOOD

I do not find individuals appalling,
nor do I hate them. Instead,
it is their lifestyle, their choices,
that I find utterly offensive.
MY DUTY IS to carry pigeons over the border


these rubles of dissatisfaction
can have multiple meanings
the species coexistence
within the GUILTY PLEASURES of ants

the fatty acids in ROBERT PLANT
are insights about targeting
sincerity pathway like HOSTILITY E COLI BANNERS
versus THE function of faith-based
crystal-meth SORORITY irony goals

Fly Girl Conference,
are YOU interested in meeting
with all the MicroSOFT millionaires ?

there will be a lunch
of only lichens held with
the endowment if marmots
married--on and off the court--

I love to drive and have motor disfunction.
I love to build things out of lobster traps
and help friends paint their houses
by exploiting mormons.
I hate communists

people enjoy starting Windows and Linux discussions groups
and are keen on lapses in judgment

can you stop humming it?
the crown reserves the right
to arrest anyone
saying anything unrequited