Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Voulez-Vouz Aluminum Santa Xmas Across the Floor

the largest
white guy enthusiasms
create toys
to return to Sam Shepard
and fulfill your promises to see
Jesus H live
at Madison Square SANTA MONICA

Do you worry about
romance novels
or gorgeous Iranian animated screensavers
showing up in
Santa's workshop with a beautiful,
old world sense of
robots and robot belts
made out of "lobster material?"

your eyes are glowing
in the dark because of
a lounge singer's Christmas past
w/ cabbage or Brussels sprouts
as a ornament
without length, width, or
theatrical painted deer
glowing on your behalf
that disappear to return
to the State Park
giving out a spark
of pixilated Chase Manhattan
I Don’t Have Any Ally McBeal
So Shut Up

Santa is a woman
if she were a man,
everyone in the universe
would wake up
Christmas morning
to Santa's elves
reading Jude The Obscure!