Tuesday, April 01, 2003

George W. Bush, President of the United States

He's the out-of-step west, disturbing renegade
The absurdest, out-of-step, weighted sneering

He is the stupidest gangrene to few doubters
He's the doubters' fun post-editing sewerage

Fudge now huge, dishonest, battiest pesterer
Pottiest fudge beneath roughest weirdness

He's out of step, attending the bruisers' wedge
Out-of-step deathbed gestures with sneering

Battiest fighter enthuses ponderous wedge
To the bawdiest defenses pursuing together

He's the untested egotists' brain-power fudge
Absurdest fetidness to the new huge ego-trip

Huge bigot twitter deafens enthused posers
Huge dog shit penetrates if untested browse

Bigoted up enthuses together fat weirdness
Unhinged together sewer stupidest of beast

Defenses gutter whereabouts inept dog shit
He's the out-of-step, bawdiest, sneering trudge.