Thursday, August 21, 2003

So You Think You've Discovered A Comet

"discovering" means different things
depending on whether one is a very experienced teacher
or just another ClearChannel TV station

when most pet snakes
think of themselves as Darwinians
with large primate sanctuaries
the fruits which democracy offers:

hardcore asian mouth full of cock
baseball cap embroidery
the young, ambitious, urban, latin markets
football | baseball | sport | golf | music | movies |

want to reunite with a past love

Why do I really want a snake?
Is it possible for me to take in a primate?
A few things to think about when seeking a teacher
They DO make wonderful pets.

It's not like a dog biting...
you can't meditate.

You own a Russian company
you've got troubles
you want a small dog
that understands parliamentary democracy

you want a spotted dog
you want a collie
with disability insurance

you want a record deal
you want to be an arranger
after you've flown hundreds of hours in your starfighter

you want a hot little market
with plenty of Goat Business. No
thirtyoneplus beautiful ass sticking up out of the water
extreme closeup of young shellys hairless ass pussy

You're a Californian
you need some help
you've got it bad
you can't play by ear

you know about Iraq
you know Seinfeld
you know golf
you know the "Lord of the Rings"
you're a Star Wars fan
you're good at video games

You are a good listener
you know about condoms
You might as well get it over with.
Think about hotcakes. Start a comic.
She spread her girlfriend's pussy...

the length of time is not important except that it is long

only amateur ass man's free ass pic's spiders
web redlyte wow. that sure is an open asshole!

you're a great pig designer
Do you need a pig, or NOT?
Photo of girl licking lips needed
Actresses Needed for One Act

You have listened to all of the stories from friends who have traveled

This page is designed to assist you in making a very important and personal decision

Aren't we lucky to be a terrier with experience matching plaids

"look, if you had, one shot; or one opportunity to seize everything you
ever wanted, in one moment would you capture it, or just let it slip, yo?"

know how the world works?

Can't be any other way.
The soundtrack to my life.

The Errors and Misconceptions of Evaluating Exceptional Talent.

you know acupuncture