Thursday, March 20, 2003

Evil Dummy

No way SLAPPY could be in charge, right? The Evil Dummy???
When my little sister saw it, she freaked out and ran out of the room.
She didn't know there was something different about this
dummy until weird and evil events started happening.
         Creepy, or what? <

This dummy was not an ordinary dummy, it was evil
          (Chinless half mask)
HM2056 Evil Dummy $15.00 Chinless half mask ties on with elastic straps...
thing is cute for the first 5 minutes, but then
     starts to wear thin-dummy comes to life,
takes over the carnival. How do you set things right?

         ...Phantom dummy, From Boy to Hero (City Walls North). Dragon dummy, The
      Boy's Training Room (City Walls South). Evil dummy, Air Drop

ventriloquist is oblivious to the fact his dummy is evil--
        blood spills and spurts.
Then he turns to his puppet doppelganger and asks, ''Is that OK?''
The dummy talks back to him:
Oh ... it's an evil dummy. Kitsu playing Vagrant Story....
"Stop that! Don't listen to him! Your being an idiot! He's
an EVIL DUMMY! Why are you listening to him? No ... STOP!!!

       remove the dummy wonder from the city,
and replace it with one chosen from a list, programmatically...
you get like a quarter of a point each time you
hit the dummy

       mask of high quality latex
       DUMMY> Internet Tools: Talk Talk Talk....
       Previous message: "TOUR> TOURBUS -
       17 March 2003 - Evil Spyware

his body becomes a dummy on the way down
    ...with that little dummy voice …
He is ready to attack the scared little man,
it is not the man
who is the source of evil power

            but the dummy.
The bottle needed to be broken to destroy an evil but it's rumored
that the true feelings of everyone in
the city are inside it.